Henry Brodbeck

Principal photographer and videographer with over 6 years experience behind a camera. Has experience in all types of photography and has worked with all types of clientele. Specialises in shooting and editing video, as well as all types of food and nightlife photography.


Toby Tull

Principal videographer of the team, with a massive amount of experience in all things film. He lives and breathes Newcastle, and has shot for every type of local business around town. Always looking for new creative angles to tell stories through video in the most killer way possible.

Cameron Mackey

Nightlife photographer with more than 2 years experience. Knows his way around a camera and has a large portfolio to back it up. He is familiar with all types of photography, from club to gigs and events. He works well in all scenarios and will always deliver.

Jesse Morrison

Event and nightlife photographer with over a years experience. Has worked alongside established wedding and fashion photographers to hone his skills. Specialises in party and club photography, as well as videography for event coverage and promotional videos.

Paris Drinkwater

Nightlight and gig photographer with 4 years experience in all different venues around Newcastle. She has worked closely with bands in the local punk and grunge music scene, shooting on both digital and film.